Google Chrome OS, an Independent Operating System

All of us are well acquainted with operating systems like Windows XP and Vista and definitely Windows 7 as well. The lovers of open software will like Linux. Apple has Macintosh. Have you heard of Google Chrome? No, I am not talking about the browser that you already know rather I am talking about a separate and independent operating system which will fast and secure, making life easier when you try to connect to the internet especially through Wi-Fi connections. Let me discuss the features/characteristics of Google Chrome OS. For operating system support, you can consult a PC repair company.

1) It is faster than the others operating systems. It can boot up within10 seconds flat.

2) It has already built a prototype and that is Cr-48 on which the applications are being tested. By early 2011, the operating system should be shipped for the public.

3) The Chrome OS will be loaded in the latest chrome OS notebooks because they might or might NOT work on your existing PC. It is supposed to be a web only OS and the applications will be web based instead of desktop based. We can safely say that the OS is built in such a way that the computer is going to use the server based or web based resources instead of the localized desktop based resources. So we are more towards cloud computing if we use this OS.

4) It is Device Independent. This means it should pick up any device you try to use but at the same time it also needs to be mentioned that the user experience for Google based applications should be better. When you try out the Wi-Fi, the general icon in the System Tray is the vertical bars which increase in length. For Google Chrome OS the same icon is used but with a Green mark on top of it.

5) Like the browser Chrome, the OS Chrome will require to sign-off the End User Agreement before the computer can be used.

6) Google Chrome is a very secure OS. Google Chrome OS encrypts all your data by default. There is a guest mode and in this mode anybody can use the computer without being able to access the owners personal data. There is a Verified Boot feature in which different health checkups of the computer takes place during boot up and if something fails then you can boot up to the Last Known Good Configuration.

7) The Chrome OS doesnt need a hard drive and these specific computers do not have a hard-drive because they rely on solid-state devices. It comes with a 12/1 inches screen and a web-cam. It also comes with a keyboard and somewhat oversized clickable touchpad. The Caps Lock is replaced by a Search key but however it can be changed back to Caps Lock from the system settings.

As far as connectivity is concerned, integrated 3G and dual band 802.11 wireless are the two modes that connectivity in Google Chrome OS comes with.

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